How to Pick the Best Cuts of Meat for Grilling

The grill is hot and the corn on the cob is already being passed around, but what cut of meat should hit the grate? Certain meats come with their own challenges. A delicate cut of meat is one that has the potential to deliver an unforgettable taste, but that opportunity can easily be quashed by turning the grill up too high or leaving the meat to cook for too long. This guide will provide some ideas on what steaks to look for and how to grill them just right.

Easy: Chicken Legs

This tasty meat is also very forgiving. It’s delicious cooked lightly with a little pepper or even a little charred. It is a simple addition to a barbecue that won’t break the bank.

Easy: Flank Steak

A great low fat option, this steak is also packed with flavor. It is popularly used for stir fry in Columbia, but is also an excellent grilling option, especially with extra butter.

Medium: Flat Iron Steak

Since this cut of meat comes from the shoulder, it can be a bit tougher than other cuts. It matches well with a Montreal-style marinade: coarse pepper, garlic, red pepper, and salt spread generously over the steak before grilling.

Hard: Top Sirloin Steak

It’s true when they say you get what you pay for. Top sirloin is a deliciously marbled cut that deserves the attention of an expert griller. It is best enjoyed rare or medium rare and sliced against the grain in order to embolden the flavor.

Four Great Italian Cheeses and Where They are made


The finest asiago cheese is produced two thousand feet above sea level in order to let the naturally smooth cheese settle just right. It is eaten fresh in Trentino and the Veneto, Italy where cows are raised in the mountains to create this very flavorful cheese. At its freshest, it is called asiago pressato. This young cheese is quite unlike what we have on the shelves in America. It is sweet and soft against the teeth. In the United States, we are accustomed to asiago d’allevo, which has been allowed to age, becoming sharper and crisper in flavor as well as texture.


Where Italy borders France and Switzerland, the core ingredient of fondue has its roots. This cheese is quite soft with a unique, nutty flavor that inspired the delicious treat of fondue.


Most modern cheeses use cultures grown in factory conditions, but gorgonzola requires a spicier technique. It is allowed to age rapidly in a cold and damp cellar, introduced to a breed of cultures special to gorgonzola. Any other strain and it just won’t deliver the same bite. Traditional gorgonzola is prepared in none other than Piedmont and Lombardy.


The hand creation of mozzarella is an art form that is slowly being lost. The heirs of this tradition learn to spin and cut in a dynamic manner in order to create the one and only mouth-watering texture of mozzarella. It must be tasted in Campania and the southern sector of Lazio.

6 Famous Cuts of Beef and Pork


This luscious cut of meat may look like a T-bone steak, but it is by far more savory, containing a larger portion of tenderloin. Though low in fat, the tenderloin is a well-marbled piece of meat with a mouth-watering texture.


This ample cut of steak is a prized dinner entrée due to its scrumptious texture and juicy flavor. Whether a thin 8 oz. cut or a thick 20 oz. steak, a ribeye is sure to quench even the most ravenous appetite.

Strip Steak

This cut of meat is prized for its supple texture. When seared, the fat melts and adds flavor to this delicate cut of meat.

Pork Loin

The classic pork chop meal comes from the loin, a low-fat cut of meat that is still very tender but can use a little extra something to bring out the flavor. A little too much time under the heat leads this tasty treat to become chewy. If prepared with care, the pork loin makes a great dinner steak.

Pork Tenderloin

The tenderloin is the most prized cut of pork due to its luscious texture and flavor. It is popularly chopped into medallions and served in bite-sized pieces.

Pork Spare Ribs

A cut of spare ribs over the barbecue will feed the whole family. The meat is cut from the abdominal portion of the ribs, while the less flavorful baby back ribs come from the chest portion.

Take Your Dinner from Meh to Mouthwatering

For many, meat is a staple when it comes to dinner; it’s the element of the meal that contains the most protein to help provide that sense of fullness and add that extra umph of flavor. However, there is a lot of variance in the meat one chooses, as well as in how they prepare that meat.
Chicken is one of the most versatile meats, which is perhaps why it is one of the most commonly used. Whether your taste tends toward sweet or savory, there are ways to cook chicken that will satisfy almost any palate.

Pour a bottle or can of beer over chicken pieces (dark meat works better), sprinkle with garlic, sage, and rosemary, and roast at 375 degrees for about an hour. The beer tenderizes the meat and brings out the flavor. You can leave the skin on and the roaster lid off to add another layer of flavor. Add chopped potatoes, carrots, parsnips, and onions for a one-dish, low-fuss meal. Other easy additions to make chicken delicious include honey and orange marmalade; just pour it over chicken pieces and bake.

Another common choice of meat is turkey, which doesn’t have to be relegated to Thanksgiving—although the traditional Thanksgiving spices of sage, rosemary, and thyme really bring out the best in the meat. For dark meat, try the traditional seasonings along with a dark beer marinade. For choice/finer meats, like gourmet turkey breast, try a marinade of orange juice and honey to let the flavor of the meat shine. Serve with rice for a change of pace and pair with your favorite green vegetable.

Turkey and chicken also cook well with lime and ginger. A stir fry of chicken or turkey breast with lime, ginger root, and soy sauce will give you a bright, light dish that will go well with sautéed peppers, mushrooms, and onions over your favorite rice.

As for choice/finer meats, such as prime beef, these tend to be sturdy and flavorful on their own, but they do especially well with strong spices. Cumin, chili, and turmeric all work well to bring out the best flavor of the beef. Try a dry rub of cumin and chili powder along with kosher salt and black pepper. Roast the beef in a 425-degree oven for 25-45 minutes. Serve with quinoa cooked with coriander chutney (spicy!) and oven-roasted carrots drizzled with honey for a great balance of sweet and savory.

In general, keep beer, wine, honey, and some basic spices on hand so you’ll be ready to make a delicious main dish at any time. As for supplies, check out Torchio’s Finer Meats & Delicatessen in Boynton Beach, FL, where you’ll find a great selection of local finer meats and a deli.

Tips For Setting Up A Fantastic Cheese Plate

While there’s never a wrong time for a cheese plate, with the holidays on the way, you know you’ll be making cheese plates more often. Now is the perfect time to learn how to set up a fantastic plate of fromage!
It is easy to pull a cheese plate together. Follow these tips to ‘Wow!’ your guests:

Selecting Your Cheese

One of the best ways to impress your guests and make a gorgeous cheese plate is to make sure you include a variety of textures and flavors. Choose both soft and firm cheeses, as well as a blue cheese and at least one aged cheese. For variety, choose a cheese from every group. Make sure to choose a favorite cheese, so that you will have one you can speak about from experience.
Aged cheeses like aged cheddar or gouda are always a hit. When it comes to soft cheeses, try a camembert. Gorgonzola or Stiltons are wonderful choices for your blue cheese. And as for firm cheeses, you can’t go wrong with a Parmigiano-Reggiano.
To make your platter even more interesting, you may want to select cheeses from different types of milk. Most people love goat cheese, but few have tried cheese made from sheep’s milk. It is a conversation starter, for sure.


Now that you have your cheeses, it’s important to pair them with the right things. Bread sticks, crackers, and breads are perfect companions to your soft cheeses. Chutneys, honeys and preserves are great ‘sweet’ additions and are nice pairings for the tart blue cheese. For the salty side, add meats like prosciutto or ham and salty nuts. These bring out the taste of aged cheeses. Add a bowl of olives to round it out.

Tips and Tricks

Make sure to separate your strong-smelling cheeses from the rest so they won’t influence the flavors of the rest of your platter. Have a cheese knife for each flavor so as not to intermingle the flavors and be sure to use the right knives. Hard cheeses may need a sharper paring knife while your soft cheeses simply need butter knives.
Set your cheese platter out a few hours before your guests arrive because the cold mutes their flavors.
Place the ‘other’ food items all around your table or bar area to keep the guests moving (rather than waiting for food).
Label the cheeses with cute cheese markers. These typically come with washable markers so you can use them again and again.
A beautiful cheese platter is easy to make, delicious for guests to nibble on, and a wonderful addition to any party! Add one along with your meats and deli sandwiches.

6 Salads to Incorporate into Holiday Meals

Holiday meal planning need not be stressful, especially with the help of your favorite neighborhood deli! Sandwiches are always a crowd pleaser, and delicious meats and cheeses make for the perfect holiday party platters. Yes, sandwiches are welcome at any gathering, but what is best to serve with them? Depending on the mood of your guests, any of the six salads below are sure to please:

New York Style Potato Salad

This popular side dish goes well with most everything and is a particular favorite with ham and chicken dishes. And potato salad can be created in a way that makes it almost a meal itself!


An Italian standby, antipasto goes great with lighter fare, such as broiled fish and poultry. This salad is quite dense and does contain ham, so it is a better complement to less heavy meals.

Three Bean Salad

This salad is a superb source of protein, and an ideal choice as a side for many vegetarian meals. You can’t go wrong with three bean salad and a heaping bowl of hearty pasta, or pair it with a juicy veggie burger to provide a nutritious meal for your guests!

Macaroni Salad

This American stalwart is wonderful with hot dogs, hamburgers, and club sandwiches. Potato salad goes great with turkey and the richness of this side dish creates a more lively meal when paired with poultry.

Eggplant Salad

This salad has a great and interesting Mediterranean feel and will pair wonderfully with any hot dishes such as casseroles or smothered, open-faced sandwiches.

Ham Salad

This is a great addition to any deli or sandwich platter that you have available for your many holiday guests. It pairs well with most proteins, and it is a great way to create a meal with lighter sandwiches and pastas.
All in all, salads are a sure favorite, especially at holiday time, and with a large group with varying tastes. Round out your deli trays with a couple salads to keep your guests well-fed and happy! Torchio’s Finer Meats and Deli in Boynton Beach, FL has one of the best selections of meats and side salads in the area.

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